Patrick Leon Nicholas is sentenced to 45 years in prison for the 1991 murder of Sarah Yarborough. Read more…

Our Award-Winning Cases

Identifinders has been twice named a finalist in the prestigious international Gordon, Thomas, Honeywell Cold Case Hit of the Year, for our pioneering work applying Forensic Genetic Genealogy to cold cases.  Our work on the 1991 Sarah Yarborough Homicide and the 1992-1993 Phoenix Canal Murders set a precedent for the development of FGG into the powerful tool for human identification that, as of 2022, has been used to solve hundreds of cold cases.

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Sarah Yarborough

The 1991 murder of a 16-year-old high school student touched the entire community. It was also the first case ever to use genetic genealogy.

Phoenix Canal Murders

The 1992-1993 murders of two young women in Phoenix went cold until it became the first case solved using forensic genetic genealogy.

Selected Cases

The majority of Identifinders’ work involves violent crime cold cases for law enforcement agencies, and therefore cannot be publicized until they are solved an announced by the agencies. The following is a sampling of some of our current unidentified remains investigations.

1961 Bibb Co Teen Doe

2012 Smurfette Doe

2016 Baby Madison

1980 Ms. Harrison

1981 Harris Co. TX John Doe

1981 Harris Co. TX Jane Doe

2005 Sam Houston Infant Doe

1993 St. Joe Boy Doe