Forensic Genetic Genealogy Casework

Identifinders offers FGG Research & Analysis services at a firm fixed price, including lab work and if needed, indefinite monitoring for new DNA relatives. We do not believe complex cold cases are best solved using hourly pricing.

Forensic Genetic Genealogy Training

As sought-after subject matter experts on forensic genetic genealogy, we bring innovative approaches to both in-house and online training events for law enforcement cold case units. Live case-handling and follow-up support options available.

Forensic Genetic Genealogy Consulting

For agencies we train, Identifinders offers blocks of “not to exceed” hourly consulting by our senior genealogists. This bridges the gap for newly trained investigators. Never pay for hours you don’t use.

Forensic Genetic Genealogy
In-House Unit Development

Identifinders assists law enforcement agencies in setting up internal forensic genetic genealogy units to provide autonomy on cold case investigations.  Ask about our Genealogist-in-Residence Program

Identification of Historic Remains

Identifinders has deep experience in solving historical mysteries. We provide identifications for private research institutions who apply cutting edge technologies to ancient DNA, as well as agencies performing archaeological excavations.

Military Unidentified Remains

Identifinders is proud to be part of the effort to assist in the identification of unidentified soldiers using DNA. We are experienced at working with both the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory and private NPO research teams.