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Forensic genealogist leading an international team of genetic genealogists and investigators to further the vision of forensic pioneer, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick. We bring closure to violent crime cold cases for law enforcement agencies and the families of victims. Proprietary Y-DNA software, expertise in yielding results from degraded samples, and a long history of solving crimes using the science of genetic genealogy gives Identifinders International, LLC a unique place in forensic science. As a genetic genealogist and family researcher, I have also witnessed firsthand that family history exploration and storytelling can change lives and transform families. Facilitating great, mutually beneficial conversations for the family storytelling and genealogy industry is my mission. Toward this goal, I'm a purpose-driven CEO and tech startup founder, leveraging 35 years of entrepreneurship, marketing, design, and community-building experience to inspire and facilitate the sharing of family narratives between generations. FamilyScrybe™ (still in development) will attract new users to our industry by giving the passionate users we already have new tools to engage the rest of their family and friends. I’ve also written about, taught, and practiced energy medicine based on earth-honoring indigenous wisdom and the principles of narrative neuroscience. My most popular classes and lectures have been on ancestral and cultural healing. Y Combinator Startup School Graduate, 2019 cohort.

1972 Homicide Solved in 2 hours

By |2021-08-12T09:30:48-07:00June 4th, 2021|

49-year-old 'beyond hope' cold case solved in 2 hours using forensic genetic genealogy Identifinders International in conjunction with the Naperville Police Department is pleased to announce the arrest of Barry Lee Whelpley, 76 as a suspect in the murder of 15-year-old Julie Hanson. Julie was last seen on July 7, 1972 when she [...]

Unidentified Male UP703

By |2021-05-26T15:34:44-07:00May 26th, 2021|

The body of an unidentified male was found in a heavily wooded area 100 feet south of Wallisville Road in Houston, Texas in 1981. He was estimated to have been deceased approximately 2 months prior to discovery.The decedent is a white male. He had wavy brown hair and prominent eyebrows. Arthritic lipping in the [...]

Unidentified Female UP701

By |2021-10-20T14:52:15-07:00May 26th, 2021|

The body of an unidentified female was found in a heavily wooded area 100 feet south of Wallisville Road in Houston, Texas in 1981. She was estimated to have been deceased approximately 2 months prior to discovery. This Jane Doe is believed to be a white female with brown eyes, pierced ears. She [...]

Unidentified Child UP9894

By |2021-05-25T20:13:39-07:00May 25th, 2021|

Very little is known about our young St. Joseph Doe. Michigan State Police have asked for Identifinders help in identifying the skull of a child or preteen boy found in that county in 1993. Our initial genetic analysis shows that he has ties to Utah, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio with possible ties to [...]

Unidentified Infant UP15905

By |2021-05-25T19:29:57-07:00May 25th, 2021|

In September 2016 a black suitcase was discovered off Interstate 45 in Madisonville, Texas. Packed inside the suitcase was a pink dress with hearts and butterflies that said ''Follow Your Dreams'' a size-4 diaper, and the skeletal remains of a girl with a feeding tube. The Madisonville Sheriff's office along with The National [...]

College Campus Infant Doe

By |2021-05-25T19:06:44-07:00May 25th, 2021|

The SHSU University Police Department and the Texas Rangers in collaboration with Identifinders International and the crowdfunding site DNASolves are seeking to help identify a Baby Doe. A DNASolves fund was established to cover the costs associated with case. The investigation was fully funded in just 48 hours. On May 4, 2005, the [...]

Unidentified Female UP11582

By |2021-05-25T19:44:32-07:00May 25th, 2021|

On November 10, 1980 hunters in Harrison County, Mississippi (near Biloxi) found the skeletal remains of a 19-25 year old female in the woods near a small creek. Anthropologists have determined that she was a white female, 5'2"-5'5" tall, and had been in the woods approximately 3-18 months prior to discovery. Homicide is [...]

Unidentified Female UP10722

By |2021-05-27T11:20:32-07:00May 25th, 2021|

The body of an unidentified female was discovered in Houston, Texas near Walters Road on October 16, 2012. She is believed to have died sometime during the month of September that year. She is described as having a small build, very dark brown, shoulder length, curly hair that was held back from her [...]

Unidentified Teen UP13483

By |2021-11-07T12:43:26-08:00May 25th, 2021|

**BREAKING: The Identifinders team has identified Bibb County, Alabama’s beloved 1961 John Doe as Daniel Paul 'Danny' Armantrout, born December 28, 1945 in Miami, Florida. His identity was announced live Saturday, October 30 at 7PM Central on Gray Hughes Investigates. Gray and his YouTube audience of “Freaks” generously funded the expensive and time [...]

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