Colleen Fitzpatrick Identifinders

Colleen Fitzpatrick Identifinders

Led by forensic genealogy pioneer, Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, Identifinders International offers Y-DNA and autosomal DNA investigative genetic genealogy services to law enforcement agencies, and medical examiners for cold case work and has played a key role in historical cases. Identifinders offers services to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, law firms and universities.

In 2014, Dr. Fitzpatrick worked with the Phoenix Police Department to solve the 1992-1993 Phoenix Canal Murders, the first cold case homicide solved using genetic genealogy that led to an arrest.

Identifinders offers a number of genealogical solutions detailed on our Services page.

Speaking engagements by Colleen Fitzpatrick

Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick of Identifinders, ISHI 2020


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