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International Services

Services for Adoptees

Because everyone receives half their DNA from their father, and half from their mother, an adoptee is made of information provided by birth parents. If interpreted correctly, an adoptee’s DNA can be just as important in locating a birth family as researching adoption records or recalling family stories. The best DNA test for adoption purposes depends on the gender of the adoptee.

We assist each client in the selection of the proper test, and then test through major DNA testing companies. Some clients require help in understanding DNA and interpreting their results; others prefer to consult with us on an as-needed basis while they incorporate their results into their own research. We are flexible and accommodate each customer's individual needs.



Law Enforcement Services

Identifinders works with law enforcement agencies on DNA identification where CODIS has failed to produce a match. We have developed proprietary techniques to correlate the Y-profile from an unidentified donor with exiting genetic genealogy databases. We do not require detailed information about a case – only the Y-DNA profile associated with the crime. If we find no match to a last name within the databases, we keep the profile on file and monitor it for future matches.



DNA References

A DNA sample from a potential family member is a key element of DNA identification. Without such a reference sample, DNA analysis is not useful. Identifinders understands not only the genealogical requirements for obtaining a sample, but also the personal issues that often arise from dealing with individuals who may have lost a family member.



Missing Persons

There are 100,000 persons officially classified as missing in the US today. But thanks to the construction of large computer databases and the networking ability afforded by the internet, there is hope that many of these individuals will be located and identified. Missing persons can also be owners of unclaimed property, or family members of deceased individuals whose whereabouts are unknown. Identifinders is arguably the best international resource for locating persons missing for any reason.



Identity Fraud Investigation

Identity fraud is different from identity theft. While identity theft involves stealing someone's social security number or vital data to use a credit card or access a bank account, identity fraud involves assuming a different life for oneself, either by living under an assumed name or by falsifying one's past for monetary gain. Identifinders uses unique methods to uncover identity fraud by wrapping facts around the behavioural profile that offenders often exhibit.