Provenance Meets Experience

Establishing the provenance of an item of value requires both detailed knowledge of documentation procedures as well as a broad knowledge of historical context. For example, Identifinders confirmed the provenance of a vintage 1848 stage coach based on the owner's sketchy knowledge of its history by researching the postal contracts that authorized the coach for mail delivery along the coast of the New England states. This established a baseline for more detailed research using wills, deeds, censuses, business records, and much more.

In another case, Identifiers researched the chain of ownership of a 1967 race car to authenticate it for auction. Because the structure of the car incorporated various parts of other vehicles as it had been repaired, the challenge was to determine the history of the individual components and relate them to the overall history
of the car.

These kinds of provenance issues can occur with other items of value including historic homes, furniture, and antiques. Through its experience establishing the provenance of both scientific and historical items, Identifiers can assist in confirming the value of a collectible.