Catching the Rats

When Misha Defonseca confessed that her best-selling book relating her experiences as a Holocaust survivor was “not the real reality,” Identifinders had successfully exposed a twenty-year-old fraud in just a few weeks. No one had been able to refute Misha's story. However, Identifinders was able to retrieve incriminating documents from Belgium that others believed were impossible to obtain. This required multi-layer knowledge of European documentation and fluency in several languages. Not only did Identifinders uncover Misha's identity fraud, Identifinders also initiated an investigation into her long term financial scams.

Some individuals are clever at obscuring their pasts. However, everyone leaves a trail of documentation behind in the course of his life. Even though someone may create a fictitious past, or claim to be someone they are not, their trail of documentation can betray their false identity, if only it can be located. The exposure of Misha Defonseca's fraud is an example of the ability of Identifiers to expose long hidden truth that has been obscured by decades of lies.