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Forensic Genealogy (Revised) Book Title

Forensic Genealogy

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Have you ever considered looking at the edges of an old photograph to find out who is in the picture? Have you ever considered epidemics as a source of genealogical information? How can you use DNA to connect your family with historical events long in the past? These are only a few of the surprising connections Forensic Genealogy offers for investigating the where, who, when, and why of your family history. As featured internationally on television, radio, and in print, Forensic Genealogy offers innovative new tools for getting the most information out of your reference materials. It has become a must-have for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

Forensic Genealogy, Revised Edition (2013) contains all the information of the classic edition, with updates and additions to the photography and database mining sections. More importantly, the revised DNA section now includes updated information on many new DNA testing and analysis tools available to the genetic genealogy world that have become available since the classic edition was published in 2005. Both genealogical and DNA databases have grown considerably since 2005, making it easier than ever to discover and connect with long lost cousins through DNA.

The revised chapter, “The DNA Detective” is available as a stand-alone publication so that readers do not have to replace their classic edition of Forensic Genealogy, yet can benefit from reading about the latest developments in genetic genealogy.


The DNA Detective, a supplement to the original edition of Forensic Genealogy

The DNA Detective Supplement

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The DNA Detective is meant as a supplement to the original edition of Forensic Genealogy, published in 2005. This stand-alone chapter describes some of the major developments in the genetic genealogy world that have occurred since that time. The information is also included as an updated chapter in the revised version of Forensic Genealogy.


DNA and Genealogy Book Title

DNA and Genealogy

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DNA & Genealogy is more than a textbook on DNA analysis for genealogy. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced readers will all find this book fascinating. In addition to tutorials on the use of DNA for genealogy, DNA & Genealogy contains many unusual sidelights on "DNA in the News" and "Weird DNA". Do you know that there are people who have more than one DNA profile? Would you like to know about the DNA analysis of the Tyrolean Iceman? What about DNA and Exo-biology? DNA & Genealogy has all of this and much, much more.


Dead Horse Investigation Book Title

Dead Horse Investigation

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Step into the 21st century of photo identification!

If you think that you have sqeezed every drop of information from your photos, guess again. Have you ever considered using ultra violet light to date your photos? What does it mean if you find a photo on the back of an old picture? How can you spot a fake? How can you tell what camera was used to take a picture of someone posing in his BVDs?

Nowadays everyone can become his own photo expert. Even the simplest photo can lead you on on an unexpected adventure. Keeping an eye out for important details is just the first step. Knowing what these details mean and how to chase them down is just as critical. Maps, catalogues, even eBay and are just a few of the useful resources available to the modern forensic genealogist both on and offline. You only need imagination about where to look and some creativity on how to tie things together.

Forensic genealogy is not just for rocket scientists, it is for everyone with an imagination. So if you are up for some exciting fun investigating your old photographs, this book is for you!