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Colleen Fitzpatrick

Colleen Fitzpatrick, PhD, is a forensic genealogical consultant for major military and civilian organizations. She has been a key member of the AFDIL team on the identification of the remains found in the wreckage of Northwest Flight 4422 that crashed in Alaska in 1948; the identification was featured worldwide in the print media and on MSNBC. She was a key member of the team who identified the remains of the Unknown Child of the Titanic. She also consulted on the Misha Defonseca case, in which the author of the international bestseller Misha: A Memoire of the Holocaust (known in Europe as Surviving with Wolves) was exposed as a fraud. Colleen is now the forensic genealogist for the possible discovery of the remains of Amelia Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan on Gardener Island in the Pacific. Because she is highly multi-lingual with extensive international travel experience, she consults with county medical examiners and investment companies with an emphasis on international searches.


Andrew Yeiser

In Memoriam 1926 - 2016

Andy Yeiser studied physics at MIT and University of California, Berkeley, but switched to computer engineering early on. He gave up aerospace and teaching at UCLA to start his own multi-disciplinary company. He sold it and retired to assignments as an engineering consultant with the United Nations in Turkey, Iran, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Austria, Guyana, Malaysia, Yugoslavia, and many other countries. In Kinshasa, Zaire when having difficulties boarding a flight to Goma, Andy was surprised to get help from Idi Amin. When Andy thanked him, Mr. Amin replied, “No problem. Just call me Idi.” Andy considered this period of his life as 30 years of paid vacation.

Andy's interest in science was rekindled in Colleen Fitzpatrick's optics lab and focused on DNA and genetics. Andy also consulted on engineering and business management from his base in Huntington Beach, CA.